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Exchange 2007 Upgrading the Default Email address policy February 10, 2010

Posted by John Ruby in Solutions.
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Quick Tip – Exchange 2007 Upgrading the Default Email address policy… « telnet 25
Quick Tip – Exchange 2007 Upgrading the Default Email address policy

Hiya all, many of you will be aware that when you install Exchange 2007 into an existing Exchange 2003 organisation you will still need to maintain your e-mail addressing policies from the Exchange 2003 System manager until you upgrade them by using the “Set-EMailAddressPolicy” cmdlet.

To clarify – when in the Exchange 2007 management console and you tried to edit an E-Mail Address Policies entry (which was a recipient policy previously created within Exchange 2003 system manager) under “E-mail Address Policies” within the “Organisation Configuration -> Hub Transport” you will be presented with an information dialog box such as the following:

This is typical when, for example you are reviewing the “Default Policy” entry which will be present if you are running in Co-existence mode.

If we take the “Default Policy” as an example to upgrade it is suggested that you run the following Exchange Management Shell command:

Set-EMailAddressPolicy “Default Policy” -IncludedRecipients “AllRecipients”

However, when I ran the command I received the following output:

After a little tinkering I found that if you have applied a Mailbox manager policy to the recipient policy in the 2003 Exchange System you need to remove this prior to running the Set-EMailAddressPolicy cmdlet – see below