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Error creating DFS root namserver, RPC error July 4, 2010

Posted by John Ruby in Solutions.


Error creating DFS root
Error creating DFS root

The issue may be caused by the SRV record of the old domain controller, are there any old resource record of the old domain controller in the DNS? If possible, please clean up the old entries of the domain controller on the DNS Server.


If you have already created a DFS namespace with the same name, please try to remove this orphaned namespace using following command and try to create new DFS namespace again.


dfsutil /unmapftroot /root:\\domain\share /server:failedserver /share:share


Please delete the object of the old DFS namespace with ADSIedit.msc on the domain controller.




1. Open "ADSI Edit" in "Administrative Tools"


2. On the node of "Default naming context", under the node of "CN= DFSR-GlobalSettings, CN= System, DC= domain name, DC=com", find and delete the orphaned namespace.


After that, please manually force the AD replication through "Active Directory Sites and Services" between the two domain controllers, and then check if the issue will re-occur.



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