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Is Antivirus Software a Waste of Money? | Wired Enterprise | Wired.com March 2, 2012

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Jeremiah Grossman is the kind of guy you’d expect to be super paranoid when it comes to computer security. He was on the front lines at Yahoo more than a decade ago when a hacker named MafiaBoy was abusing the site with DDoS attacks. Now Chief Technology Officer at security consultancy White Hat Security, Grossman spends his time fighting web intruders for his company’s clients.

When it comes to computer security, he’s paranoid — and for good reason. He’s seen what the bad guys can do. But when he met with Wired at the RSA Conference in San Francisco this week, he said something surprising: He doesn’t use antivirus software.

As it turns out, many of his security-minded peers don’t use it either. The reason: If someone is going to try and attack them, they’re likely to use a new technique, one that most antivirus products will miss. “If you asked the average security expert whether they use antivirus or not,” Grossman says “a significant proportion of them do not.”

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Great detailed article that is very correct on not necessarily needing anti-virus software. A properly configured Windows computer can very very virus resilient in conjunction with a properly educated user on the system.

Rule #1 Be aware of when you open links or click on pictures in web pages. Many malwares disguise themselves to look like valid Windows warnings. If you are not sure hit Alt-F4 to close

Rule #2 Make sure your daily use account is set as “Standard User”, make a separate account as “Administrative” i.e. call it Admin. On any new PC the very first account created has Administrative rights. Call it Admin then create another account for yourself, i.e. John

I will be publishing a full article in the near future.


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