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Adobe: Illustrator – How to get Effect – Pixelate -Halftone with Vectors March 13, 2012

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One way that will give you a clean halftone pattern using vector objects:
1. Draw a circle;  2. Copy the circle and drag the copy to where the top anchor of the copy aligns with the right anchor of the original;  3. Select both, copy, and align so the top anchor of the copy aligns with the bottom anchor of the original:

4. Repeat the copying/pasting until you have a nice little row of circles;  5. Select the entire row, and make a copy waaaay to the right:

6. Select all, give it all a black fill, remove the stroke;  7. Select the right row, and hit Ctrl-Alt-Shift-D (Object>Transform>Transform Each) and set the scale for 2% vertical and 2% horizontal (Hard to see them lil specks for a moment…):

8. Select the left row of big circles, group them;  9. Select the right row of small specks, group them too;  10.  Select all, make a blend:

Adjust as needed.  You’ll notice that if you drag the right row to the right, more rows will blend in.

Adobe: Illustrator – How to get Effect>Pixelate>Halftone Colour in one color