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Pacemaker and RIM announce exclusive DJ app for PlayBook — Engadget February 28, 2012

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Pacemaker and RIM announce exclusive DJ app for PlayBook — Engadget


We loved the original Pacemaker, and were sad to hear of its eventual discontinuation. News just in this morning, however, is that the DJ tool is back as a PlayBook app thanks to an exclusive collaboration with the tablet’s maker. Details are sparse right now, as the information spilled at RIM’s event this morning at MWC, but we do know that there will be auto beatmatching, vinyl mode with scratching, digital mode, looping, loop travel, pitch control, beat skip and "pro level" effects. All we have in terms of availability is that it will be out this spring, with no word on price. In the meantime we’re going to start prepping up that music collection.

Courier: First Details of Microsoft’s Secret Tablet June 13, 2010

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Courier: First Details of Microsoft’s Secret Tablet
Courier: First Details of Microsoft’s Secret Tablet

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Courier: First Details of Microsoft’s Secret Tablet

It feels like the whole world is holding its breath for the Apple tablet. But maybe we’ve all been dreaming about the wrong device. This is Courier, Microsoft’s astonishing take on the tablet.


To watch the video, you’ll first need to install the flash player.

–> ‘ Courier is a real device, and we’ve heard that it’s in the "late prototype" stage of development. It’s not a tablet, it’s a booklet. The dual 7-inch (or so) screens are multitouch, and designed for writing, flicking and drawing with a stylus, in addition to fingers. They’re connected by a hinge that holds a single iPhone-esque home button. Statuses, like wireless signal and battery life, are displayed along the rim of one of the screens. On the back cover is a camera, and it might charge through an inductive pad, like the Palm Touchstone charging dock for Pre.

Until recently, it was a skunkworks project deep inside Microsoft, only known to the few engineers and executives working on it—Microsoft’s brightest, like Entertainment & Devices tech chief and user-experience wizard J. Allard, who’s spearheading the project. Currently, Courier appears to be at a stage where Microsoft is developing the user experience and showing design concepts to outside agencies.

Microsoft has a history of collaborating with other firms, especially in the E&D division: Zune and Xbox have both gone through similar design processes. (And plans for the Microsoft Store leaked through a third-party agency were confirmed as genuine prototype layouts and concepts.) This video is branded Pioneer Studios, a Microsoft division within E&D that specializes in this kind of work, working with another agency that’s a long-time Microsoft collaborator on confidential projects.

The Courier user experience presented here is almost the exact opposite of what everyone expects the Apple tablet to be, a kung fu eagle claw to Apple’s tiger style. It’s complex: Two screens, a mashup of a pen-dominated interface with several types of multitouch finger gestures, and multiple graphically complex themes, modes and applications. (Our favorite UI bit? The hinge doubles as a "pocket" to hold items you want move from one page to another.) Microsoft’s tablet heritage is digital ink-oriented, and this interface, while unlike anything we’ve seen before, clearly draws from that, its work with the Surface touch computer and even the Zune HD.

Over the next couple days we’ll be diving much, much deeper into Courier, so stay tuned.

HP Slate to cost $549, have 1.6GHz Atom Z530, 5 hour battery? — Engadget April 19, 2010

Posted by John Ruby in Computers, Slate, Tablet.
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HP Slate to cost $549, have 1.6GHz Atom Z530, 5 hour battery? — Engadget
HP Slate to cost $549, have 1.6GHz Atom Z530, 5 hour battery?

Well, well — what’s this? We just got our hands on what looks like an internal HP Slate presentation given to cool down some of the iPad hype amongst HP employees, and it just happens to have specs and pricing details on the elusive Windows 7 tablet. As we’d heard, the Slate will run $549 in its base configuration, which has a 8.9-inch 1024 x 600 capacitive multitouch display, a 1.6GHz Atom Z530 processor with UMA graphics and an accelerator for 1080p video playback (we’re assuming it’s a Broadcom Crystal HD chip), 32GB of flash storage and 1GB of non-upgradeable RAM. There’s also a $599 version with 64GB of storage, and both models will have a five-hour battery, an SDHC slot, two camera, a USB port, a SIM card slot for the optional 3G modem, and a dock connector for power, audio, and HDMI out. Of course, what this spec list doesn’t cover is software, and we still haven’t seen much of how HP plans to make Windows 7 on a full slate device with netbook-class internals perform as smoothly or as intuitively as its demo videos. That’s not a small challenge, especially since the iPad is out now and setting some pretty high expectations for how this new breed of tablets should work. We’ve got our fingers crossed — show us something good, HP.

The HP Slate — Engadget January 9, 2010

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The HP Slate — Engadget
The HP Slate

Here we go — press images of the HP Slate just hit the web, right as Ballmer showed it off during his CES keynote. The prototype device is said to be coming later this year, and it’s running Windows — Ballmer showed it running the PC Kindle app. It’s also multitouch, and can do some gaming — they showed it playing Frogger. Check one more pic and the teaser vid after the break. And trust us — we’re going to find out everything about this thing before we’re done.


HP MediaSmart Server LX195 direct from HP January 5, 2010

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HP® Official Store — Buy the HP MediaSmart Server LX195 direct from HP
HP MediaSmart Server LX195

Help your family get control of your digital life with our affordable, easy-to-use MediaSmart Server LX195. It lets you automatically back up and protect digital photos, as well as centralize digital media and content so it’s easy to share. And you’ll enjoy your media whether you’re at home or away.

Automatic backup

  • Automatically manage daily backup, virus protection, media collection, and power management, all behind the scenes
  • Automatically back up multiple computers, whether running Windows (via Microsoft Windows Home Server Backup) or Mac (via Apple Time Machine)1
  • Store up to 168,000 photos, 147,000 songs or 405 hours of video2
  • Get additional protection by backing up your server to an on-line back-up service like Amazon S33

Designed for digital media

  • Access your media4 anywhere with an Internet-connected computer
  • Stream music and photos to any computer, while you’re at home or away
  • Stream to your stereos and TVs through a gaming console like the Xbox 360 or PlayStation35
  • Publish photos to photo-sharing and social networking Web sites—Snapfish, Flickr, Picasa, and even Facebook6—via any Internet-connected computer, or share directly from your server
  • Share music libraries for play throughout your home

Easy setup, scheduling, and support

  • Set up fast: just plug it in, connect it to your wireless router (sold separately), and load the software on your PCs and Macs1
  • Schedule the server to copy and centralize Windows PC media files and libraries (including iTunes and playlists)
  • Expand your capacity by adding external hard drives7 via four USB ports on the back
  • Warranty and support: one-year limited; get help toll-free, 24 x 7, or via e-mail in as little time as an hour

Philips Products on Display at CES January 5, 2010

Posted by John Ruby in Hardware, Home Media.
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Philips Products on Display at CES | We Got Served – Windows Home Server & Your Digital Home
Philips Wireless HDTV Link SWW1800/27

Whether you are designing an office, a restaurant or kitting out an event – how do you overcome the perennial problem of placing a flat screen TV on an awkward wall or recess, without ruining the aesthetics with a mass of cables? Philips Wireless HDTV Link has the solution – designed as a single, stylish unit that connects devices wirelessly, you now have the freedom to realize your design concept without the cables and clutter that come with AV components.

The Air HD – Wireless HD Transmitter and Receiver Kit | BV-2500 | Wireless Transmitter and Receiver December 15, 2009

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The Air HD – Wireless HD Transmitter and Receiver Kit | BV-2500 | Wireless Transmitter and Receiver

  • Air-bridge your AV devices and TV in uncompressed HD quality
  • Support up to 1080i@60Hz & 1080p@24Hz HD picture quality/30Hz HD quality
  • Less than 1ms latency for playing video game console
  • Plug & Play, Auto setup and easy-to-use
  • Long transmission distance – LOS: 65 feet, NLOS: 32 feet
  • IR Sensor Extender Cable and IR Blaster Extender Cable

Amtek T770 UMPC December 9, 2009

Posted by John Ruby in Computers, Hardware, Slate.
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Amtek T770 UMPC gets priced

* CPU: VIA C7M 1.2Ghz
* Chipset: VX700M
* Memory: 1 SODIM slot (max 1GB)
* Battery: 26W/hr
* HDD: 2.5″ 40GB
* Screen: 7″ 800×480
* Stereo speakers
* SD Card slot
* 1,3MP camera
* WiFi, BT2.0, 2xUSB2.0
* Cradle connector
* Weight 850gm
* Operating system. XP and Vista support

T770 7″ Screen from AMtek SYSTEM CO,. LTD September 27, 2009

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OperatingSystem Genuine Windows XP Tablet PC Edition
Processor Type and Speed VIA C7M NaNo Processor 1.2GHZ
Cooling Method Heat Sink with FAN
Chipsets   Chipsets Core Logic:Integrates North and South Bridgets: VIA VX700
VGA:Integrated on VX700
Memory Upgradeable 1x SODIMM Slot DDR2(max. 1GB)
Maximum Memory DDR II 1GB (Default : 1GB MB)

Dell OptiPlex 160 Desktop July 26, 2009

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New Dell 160 Micro Desktop

Making Room for Energy Efficiency

The OptiPlex160 delivers smart choices for maximizing workspace and minimizing energy consumption.

  • Small footprint, low power processors, efficient power supply
  • Long system lifecycles, easy system manageability
  • General purpose business desktop for basic computing