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Microsoft: Possible Large Stock Up Tick – GX Blog September 20, 2012

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Microsoft is Currently, 31.45 today. It’s P/E ratio is Lower than Apple. Apple’s price is all over the place and if you have time to short term flip highs and lows you can make a lot of $$$, but you got to have A LOT of capital. Microsoft’s is holding steady so if you are looking for long term gains and regular dividends looks like a safe bet. MSFT has followed the same stock movement pattern at Exxon, Cisco, and GE over ten years. The trick is finding a small company that leverages Microsoft’s Platform. Too bad Vizio is a private company they just got into PCs and Tablets with high reviews and they are killing the rest of the LCD TV makers.

Here’s want a REAL Dark horse Nokia, $2.85, they are all in on Microsoft Ecosystem, worst case Nokia gets bought outright by Microsoft, they still have tons of patents. Microsoft is infusing them with Cash too.

Microsoft: Possible Large Stock Up Tick – GX Blog